February 6, 2023 | NAAE Assists SITCAs Gain Remote-Work Eligible Status

In early 2022, NAAE filed a class-action grievance on behalf of all SITC Analysts when the Agency refused to designate their position as “remote work eligible” – only telework eligible – despite the SITCAs having worked essentially remotely for two-plus years during the pandemic without even an allegation of poor or a decrease in performance, a decline in efficiency, or an adverse effect upon the Agency mission or programs. Following denial of the grievance at every level, NAAE invoked arbitration. While its grievance was pending before the arbitrator, NAAE and Agency representatives negotiated a settlement of their dispute – the Agency agreed to re-designate the SITCA position as “remote work eligible.” And it officially did so in mid-January 2023. A complete victory for these Analysts!