“Protecting American Agriculture Employees for Over 50 Years”

NAAE represents both professional and nonprofessional (non-clerical and non-managerial) employees in Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ), a unit in the US Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service. PPQ’s activities include: certifying agriculture commodities for export, inspecting plant shipments entering the United States for agriculture pests, and managing control programs for exotic pests that have entered the United States.

As a small rank-and-file union with a much dispersed bargaining unit, we use our limited resources in obtaining our basic rights as federal employees.

Update from the National President
                                                                                03.01.17 The latest NAAE Newsletter has been posted click  here to read it.
01.29.16 The latest NAAE Newsletter has been posted, click here to read it.

01.29.16 The Updated Executive Committee page is up! Click here to see it.

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