February 13, 2023 | NAAE Preserves Lateral-Transfer Rights for BUES

An Export Certification Specialist (ECS) wanted to transfer to a vacancy for a Plant Health Safeguarding Specialist (PHSS). The ECS applied and was selected for the vacancy as a lateral transfer (at the same grade and step level). Before the paperwork was completed, the Agency reneged on the transfer offer, deciding instead to treat it as a “reassignment,” requiring the ECS to demonstrate they were qualified for this new position. NAAE filed a grievance on their behalf, alleging that the CBA, Green Book 3.0, required the Agency to process their request and new assignment as a lateral transfer without their need to reestablish their qualifications because the position was in the same series and at the same grade. At Step 2 of the grievance process, the Agency finally agreed with NAAE. The transfer went through as originally contemplated in the Green Book as a lateral transfer, automatically, with no new proof of qualification required. A complete NAAE victory for a deserving BUE!