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Archive of Updates

4.16.15 The latest NAAE Newsletter has been posted, click here to read it. Also many older newsletters are now posted along with the NAAE New Employee Brochure.

11.01.14 Click here to read the memo soon to be sent to all managers of bargaining unit employees from Osama that outlines his expectations and the obligations that management has when dealing with unions and bargaining unit employees.

08.13.14 NAAE has created its own Facebook page. It's a private page, unlike this website, and is members only. If you are a member, please send a friend request to the NAAE-PPQ profile, once friends, we can add you to our private page. At that point you can unfriend us from the profile and still remain a member of the NAAE page. If you don’t have a Facebook page let us know that too. We hope to reach everyone. If you’re already a member of the group you can send invites yourself to other members. Please pass the word!

07.04.14 Click here to see the comments NAAE submitted to the Federal Resister regarding the increase to user fees. A good document to post on your office Union bulletin board!

04.24.2014 To see pictures from the PPQ Forum Meeting at the LAX PIS click here, pictures from the 2014 NAAE Convention in St Louis click here.

04.18.14 The SITC Officer/ PHSS Blended Position Description Negotiations are Completed. Click here to read the final MOU.

03.11.2014 The 2014 NAAE National Election Results are official. Click here for more information.

02.07.2014 February 2014 Newsletter is up
A Message from Our President
New Emblem Contest
PPQ Forum Metrics Update
2014 Convention- St. Louis
LR 101 & IBB Webinars
PPQ Spotlight Initiative

03.01.2014 The NAAE 2014 Convention is in St. Louis April 6th through the 9th. Click here for more information.

02.04.14  The NAAE 2014 National Election is underway.  Click here to read about the candidates.

10.03.2013 Government Shutdown

During the shutdown remember that NAAE is still available and accessible to our members. We know what a cluster this has been and are very frustrated with the lack of information and consistency out there. We will do our best to provide answers or get answers to your questions. Here are the Q&As that were distributed last week. Within is some general guidance regarding furloughed employees right to unemployment. This varies state by state but all employees sent home should have received an SF-8 which is needed to apply for unemployment. Contact any of us if you need more information on this or have other questions, whether you are working or furloughed.

08.02.2013 Check out this great new article on Federal News Radio:  http://www.federalnewsradio.com/20/3404197/Good-bosses---worth-their-weight-in-gold

03.30.2013 The latest Newsletter is now posted!
Inside This Issue . . .
Uniform Update
Department of Labor LM-4 Reminder
Election Committee
Convention Committee
Member Rights under the Civil Service Reform Act

09.21.2012 The latest Newsletter is now posted! 
Inside This Issue . . .
A Message From Our President
Post-Accident Drug Testing: A Recipe for Chaos
“Live Better, Work Union”
What’s a Metric?

07.03.12 2012 Savannah Convention pictures are now posted. Check out the Photo Gallery.

03.28.2012 For the 2012 National Election Results click here

03.14.2012 March 2012 Newsletter is up!
Inside This Issue…
A Message From Our President
USDA-APHIS-PPQ---One Employee’s Perspective
Personal Information in IPHIS
A Retirement Consideration
What the Heck is a Formal Meeting?

02.17.2012 The NAAE 2012 Convention will be in Savannah, GA this April 22nd through the 25th.  Click here for more information. 

12.19.2011 The NAAE 2012 Convention will be in Savannah, GA this April 22nd through the 25th, mark your calendars!

12.19.2011 Heads Up!  Once an employee retires he/she will lose access to eOPF and the NFC Employee Personnel page because eAuthentication is disabled.

09.22.2011 The Green Book, our new collective bargaining agreement is complete!  See pictures from our management consultation and signing in Minneapolis on August 17th in the Photo Gallery.  We’ve just completed Agency Head Review and it’s going into effect.  Check out the more detailed article in the latest newsletter we just posted.

09.22.2011 September 2011 Newsletter is up!
A Message From Our President
PPQ Labor-Management Forum

11. 17.2010 November 2010 Newsletter is up. 
A Message From Our President
Convention Report-Las Vegas
Plant Inspection Station Biotech
A New Labor Relations Specialist
Uniform Update
Department of Labor LM Forms –A Branch Obligation
IN DEPTH: CBP GS-12s---What About Us??

8-27-10 Welcome to our newly redesigned website!   Please take some time and look through the site.   We’ve added a lot of new information that we think you’ll find very helpful.   Under Resources for Local Branches we have a list of all the handy websites we use, together, in one place. We’ve posted pictures from the last two conventions, and all the current MOU’s are listed under News/Issues/Topics.   Construction of the new website has been a much bigger project than any of us have anticipated, and that has delayed the Newsletter, but a new one is in the works.   Let us know what you think about the website.