“Protecting American Agriculture Employees for Over 50 Years”

How to Join NAAE?

Members and dues… the life force of the Union.  The health of the treasury determines how much, how hard and what we can fight. Decisions upon what to arbitrate and when to untether the falcons of justice (or if to just settle for us rag-tag-band-of-ne’er do wells) depend upon how much moolah is in the kitty.  So…you have to JOIN the Union and… you have to do it RIGHT. You might not know this, but as a member it’s in the by-laws, it’s your obligation to tell other folks about the Union and encourage membership i.e. MAKE MORE MEMBERS.

This is a tale of some of our travail in the past few years:

How to File Those Forms:

1. Get Form SF-1187 Request for Payroll Deduction

2. Fill out:
1.) Name 
2.) SS# (not EIN)
3.) HOME Address – We need your HOME address ONLY! It is against the law for us to send an election ballot to your office. Remember this is our only chance to get your address right for elections and newsletters.

SECTION A—Put down your branch number-- if  known, otherwise write the name of your work station. Currently dues are $7.50 per bi-weekly pay period.
Please do NOT sign authorized signature—that’s for the NAAE National President.

SECTION B—This is for you! Please sign and date (preferably in blue ink)

3. Give your form to a National officer or see that the form gets mailed to the NAAE National President for processing. His or her address is always on the back of the newsletter (as well as all of the rest of your NAAE National officers).

Where to mail:
Mike Randall, President
P.O. Box 31143
Honolulu, HI 96820-1143

Please do not send certified mail or any other method that requires someone present for delivery.

Remember—No need to kill a lot of trees. We only need ONE original form to process a dues withholding request. That old system of carbons and triplicates is history and is just a bunch of environmental pollution- Don’t be a dinosaur

Common Mistakes :
Some folks have tried to send their dues forms directly to Management for processing. This isn’t supposed to result in withheld dues, but sometimes it does. Management is not supposed to process any forms without an authorizing signature from the NAAE National President.

Bad things that happen to unauthorized forms:
1.      Management hoards the unauthorized forms for about six months and then sends them back to us unprocessed for “no signature”.
2.      Unauthorized forms are never processed, get thrown away, or otherwise “disappear”.
3.      Management processes the dues withholding, NAAE never knew you joined, we lose our once in a lifetime opportunity to get your home address because we never see the form, and you are angry you can’t vote and never get a newsletter.

There are plenty of other ways to mess dues withholding up, but we won’t print them all here to avoid giving away too many of our best held secrets. Just keep to the simple directions above and we should be able to scale most any wall USDA can build. Happy recruiting.