“Protecting American Agriculture Employees for Over 50 Years”

NAAE National Contract (Available on the APHIS Intranet so must be accessed through a work computer)

Ground Rules for Local Negotiations

THE NAAE “YELLOW BOOK” Secrets to basic Labor-Management Relations

2014 Weingarten Rights (for more information please see Yellow Book Chapter 5 sections 3-5)

The NAAE Reps Role in Weingarten Meetings

Weingarten Wallet Cards

NAAE New Employee Brochure

The Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute

Commonly Used Abbreviations

Links To Helpful Websites

SF-1187 Membership Form

Grievance checklist

Grievance Form

Green Book Grievance Timeline

Unfair Labor Practice Form

2014 DA Memo on Obligations and Expectations for Bargaining Units

USDA Guide on Dealing with Workplace Conflicts and Concerns